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Business Planning

Our Business Planning incorporates mainly sales forecasting, marketing planning and the financial statements necessary to enable easier access to business funding and investment in the form of resources. We envision your business plan as a sales document that will speak highly of you when you are not around or unable to speak for yourself. This requires a departure from the traditional way of putting a plan together to a more participatory method of capturing the essence of your business. 

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Product or service sourcing

In the initial stages small business owners will tend to invest the majority of their time ensuring a workable and profitable model. This would then require them having to wear multiple hats simultaneously meaning less time available to work on their businesses. We save them time and money by finding the necessary ingredients in fostering seamless execution while they continue to work in their businesses.

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growth strategy planning

Intentional strategy ensures a proactive rather than a reactionary posture in the market place. To avoid being a victim of competitive, never-settling market dynamics superior tactics execution cannot be over-emphasized. This offering highlights the strategic options available to your business in consistently out-performing the competition not overlooking the overall industry demands which might have an unavoidable significant impact on your business possibly leading to business failure.

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content facilitation & re-engineering

As an entity that prioritizes continuous learning and professional development we provide business content which will assist in up-skilling your staff. Some parts of the content available may be outdated due to unprecedented changes in the external environment which then necessitates re-structuring activity.

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future trend analysis

With this offering we do not attempt to predict the future. We are of the view that even the most highly regarded futurist is unable to give you an exact description of what lies ahead. Instead what we do is to use past and the present scenarios as inputs in understanding how future developments are likely to impact on your bottom line as a business eager to grow and conquer.

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