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A process-focused small-business advisory which concentrates on the measured actions necessary for successfully competing within existing markets or redefining market boundaries for the attainment of unprecedented market space in current and future industries.

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We provide the best solutions to grow your business

We assist the small business owner further realize that with the correct future-focused value inputs they can consistently execute better than the biggest conglomerate without having to compromise on their principles.

We do it by working with the business owner in actively seeking and identifying blue-ocean opportunities and strategies whilst rethinking the essence of the value curve for establishing a culture of continuous improvement and learning within the business.

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our focus

The following pressure points in strategy execution guide our value mix: Future Trends Analysis Product or Service Sourcing Business Planning Growth Strategy Planning Content Facilitation and Re-engineering.


Onke Sidumo is a CTI Business Studies graduate with a background in financial services, more so in the investment space. He has a keen interest in business strategy and fills the role of Strategic Advisor with professionalism and a passion for business development. He is an entrepreneur at heart who understands business as one of the tools in attaining financial freedom. 


Cumani Nobongoza is an IMM graduate with experience in sales and marketing. His passion for small business was further invigorated by the announcement of the Gauteng Township Revitalization Programme and having worked for a business accelerator he has been able to acquire the necessary skill-set over the years to add value as a Business Consultant in helping small businesses grow. 

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